Peter Pan is the MAN

Shelby is loving Peter Pan right now. Mike rented the movie for her and they've been watching it together. It's all she can think or talk about. While she was waiting for Mike to get home and watch the movie with her tonight, she took one of the chairs from our breakfast nook and was using it as her launch pad. She'd jump off and then run around the house as if she was flying. She has decided that she's Tinkerbell. I'm Wendy. And Daddy is Peter Pan.

On a side note, check out the Halloween outfit Shelby is wearing. I bought her a top and some leggings to wear on Halloween. I find if you don't buy them early, they're all sold out closer to Halloween. Shelby found the bag with the clothes in it and begged me to wear them ... she said "Mom, I promise I won't get them dirty. And if I do, we can wash them before Halloween." I'm a sucker.