Happy Halloween!!!!

Here's a little teaser of Shelby in her costume. She had a party at her preschool this morning, so on our way to work we stopped at Daddy and Nana's office. She's a baseball player if you couldn't tell! She looks adorable! Tonight we're going to a carnival at her school and some Trick-or-Treating as well.

Here's Shelby with Nana ... who is dressed up as Nana. Shelby asked Nana what she's going to be for Halloween and when Nana said she was dressing up like a Nana, Shelby said that wasn't allowed. According to Shelby, "Halloween in a time when you get to be something you're not." Then I said, "Well then I'm dressing up like Daddy then." That's also not allowed she said, since Daddy is a parent and I'm already a parent!