Halloween Recap

Shelby had a grand ol' time trick-or-treating. We did the trunk-or-treat event at her school and then hit up some of the houses in the nearby neighborhood. Since moving here to Tucson, we've started a little tradition (granted, this was just our second Halloween here, but it's going to be a tradition for years to come) where we go over to Mike's parent's house after all the trick-or-treating is done. Nana and Big Mike always have treats for Shelby and this year was extra special. There was a big lighted ghost for Shelby to take home. And she loves it. She has been carrying around this ghost with her where ever she goes. She's been sleeping with it, playing with and chatting with it like it's her little buddy. She fell asleep in the car on the way home from trick-or-treating, clutching her ghost.

To amuse the grownups, Mike and I took Shelby over to Neko Case's house. If you like indie music, you'll know who she is. Well, she lives in Tucson and we just happen to know where her house it (Mike has crazy investigative skills). So, at the end of the night we dropped by her house, hoping to trick-or-treat there, get a picture and generally gawk. Sadly, she didn't answer the door, though it was CLEAR she was home. We are planning on Christmas caroling at her house in December for our next attempt at getting her to answer her door.