Breakfast + Bookmans = A great Saturday

We've been doing a lot of breakfast and Bookmans (a used bookstore here in Tucson) the last few weekends. I love both. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day and it's even better when somebody else makes it! Books rank right up there with breakfast. I've always been a huge reader and I love getting a new book. Even if I have ten new books waiting to be read, I can always use one more. Mike and Shelby are readers too, so it's no surprise that we spend a lot of time at Bookmans.

When we first moved to Tucson, we cleaned out our book collection and took them over to Bookmans. So we always have tons of credit there. It's great to get a new book, pay nothing for it and then return it in a few weeks for some more store credit. Plus, you can find some pretty interesting things there besides books ... Shelby got a Halloween snow globe there just last week.