A big ol' gusher

Seriously, there is nothing worse than your child being sick or hurt. Shelby gets bloody noses. It's been happening for a couple of years now. They've been so bad we've taken her to see her doctor about them. He's not too concerned and gave us a few tips to help combat them (saline spray, a cold air humidifier, etc). The thing is, my brother Mark used to get the worst bloody noses when we were kids. So bad he's soak his sheets while he slept. Eventually he had to have surgery. There have been a couple of times when Shelby has had them when she slept and it's so scary to have your little one wake you up with blood all over their face. So when Shelby get a bloody nose, I think of Mark and all of his bloody noses and it's more than a little scary.

Note: that's just my knee you see :)

Anyway, the last few nights Shelby has had a bunch of bloody noses. Last night's was a gusher. The worst we've seen yet. We thought we got it stopped, but we didn't. I had actually got in the shower with Shelby to wash off all the blood (it was in her hair and just about every where) when the bleeding started again. So, the water went off and I worked on stopping the bleeding. As we sat in the shower (Mike covered us with towels so we wouldn't be cold), I thought "Man the things parents do for their kids). Then to add to the moment, Shelby proceeded to pee on me (yep, pee on me) ... but she had to as we couldn't get up or her nose would just keep bleeding. And when a four-year-old needs to go, they need to go! In the pictures she looks like she's in pain, but she's not. She's actually laughing. I was singing silly songs to pass the time and she was cracking up. She also thought it was hilarious that she peed on her mama.

After all the blood was gone, Daddy and Shelby watched a movie to calm down a bit. She was pretty wired from all the excitement and I surely didn't want another gusher before bedtime.