I've been tagged

Sharon tagged me. I've known Sharon and her family since I was a teenager. I guess that amounts to half my life ... or almost a little more than half my life, yikes!

The point of this tag is to list 5 joys, 5 fears, 5 obsessions/collections, 5 surprising facts, and tag 5 people.

- 5 Joys ...
1. Shelby. She is the most inventive kid ever. I love to watch her grow and change.
2. Date night. Mike is always very inventive when it comes to date night.
3. Finishing a book.
4. Eating out. I have gotten better with my cooking (I prefer to bake), but I love going out to eat. It keeps the house clean and keeps my from working to hard.
5. Coming home after being away for work.

- 5 Fears...
1. My plane crashing.
2. My parents dying too soon. I guess it will always be too soon for me.
3. Being in a car accident.
4. Failing at work. I'm pretty competitive and focuses when it comes to my work. I always worry I'm going to screw up, big time. Actually failing in general ... as a wife, as a mother, as a sister, etc.
5. That something bad will happen to Shelby. I want only good things for her and it gives me some anxiety to think she might not always be happy or healthy.

- 5 Obsessions/Collections
1. Cleanliness and order. I can't stand dirt or messes. I always pick up the house before bed and even though I have a housekeeper, I go in behind her and clean!
2. Shelby's hair. I can't stand it when she looks messy. She hates to have her hair brushed these days, so it's so hard for me to let it go.
3. Scrapbooking supplies are both an obsession and a collection for me. I always want more and then I just horde them (but I'm not as bad as Jennie). I've started to do the same thing with fabric. I just can resist buying pretty fabric.
4. Books. I'm always looking for a new book. I read super fast, so I hate to finish a book and not have another one ready for me.
5. I'm obsessed with having my bed made every morning. Never fail, I always make it. It sets the tone of the day for me!

- 5 Surprising Things about you...
1. I was in the Army for 14 years. Four years on active duty and 10 in the reserves.
2. I hate to fly, even though I travel via plane all the time for work. I've been to Denmark
3. When I joined the army, I had never flown on a plane. I flew to basic training and then the second plane I was on, I jumped out of at airborne school.
4. I make a mean Chile con Carne. Moving to Tucson has helped my cooking skills.
5. I'm hypoglycemic. I'm not supposed to eat any sugar or anything white (flour, pasta, bread, etc). But I'm a cheater. I admit it.
6. (A bonus for those of you still reading) ... I'm pregnant. Due in April. Hoping for a girl, though Mike wants a boy. We'll find out soon what we're having.

- Tag 5 People...
1. Emily Schwartz
2. Lisa Howard
3. Amy Barron
4. Jill King
5. Amanda Clyde