Our sweet ballerina

Shelby has been working toward earning this ballet outfit for two weeks now. Her good behavior and hard work (feeding Cassius and making her bed), has finally paid off.

With her new chore chart, Shelby has been picking what it is she wants to earn or work for. Now, when we go out shopping, I've stopped buying her a "treat" every time she asks. I know, it was a bad habit to get into, for both me and for Shelby. So, instead of getting everything she wants, she has to decide what's most important to her and then work for it. And let me tell you, she really has been an angel. She listens all the time. No more sass. No more backtalk. And she willing does her chores.
It's the best thing ever!

I had to drive across town to buy this specific outfit, but it's worth it. She's very specific when it comes to what she's working toward. Her new goal is a princess dress-up costume. And then she wants a fish game she saw at the mall. The next month is all planned out!