A first ... the dentist

Shelby had her first trip to the dentist today. I've always had trouble with my teeth, they're crazy weak, so I wanted to start early with Shelby when it comes to good dental hygiene. She's very good about brushing her teeth, so a visit to the dentist was the next step. We spent about a week preparing for the event, reading a book each night about what to expect.

When we got in the examine room, the hygienist was GREAT. She showed Shelby all of her tools and let her touch them and try them out. Shelby was an angel. So well behaved and not a bit of wiggling. She was super chatty with the hygienist and loved all the cool tools.

The hygienist showed Shelby how to floss her teeth and now she's hot to trot to try it out! When the visit was over, Shelby got to pick a prize from a treasure chest and I was beaming with pride. What a good girl she was.

On a some what unrelated note, Shelby has turned a huge corner. She is behaving SO well. I almost hesitate to say it, in fear she'll stop being so good. All week there has been no whining and she's willingly doing her chores! No back talk, no sass ... just lots of smiles, hugs and kisses. Who stole my sassy girl? We've been using chore and responsibility charts, which helps ... but I think some of it is just age. She suddenly seems much older and a million times more mature. She's really a joy to be around.