A Fall Adventure

It doesn't quite feel like fall yet. In fact, it never quite feels like fall before winter is upon us. Can you really break out a fall sweater when it's still about 85 degrees out? Luckily, it's finally in the 80s, which is a relief to last week's 90 degree temps.

Anyway, we decided to trick ourselves into thinking it was fall with a grand fall adventure. What's that? Well, we headed over to Wilcox, AZ to check out Apple Annie's Orchard. From our house, Wilcox is about an hour and 15 minutes away ... you head east toward El Paso. In addition to an apple orchard where you can pick fresh fruit, Annie's has a huge pumpkin patch where you pick and cut your own pumpkins. We took the little tractor ride out to the field and searched for the perfect pumpkin.

Though the pumpkin picking was fun, Shelby's favorite part was the little play area ... they had these huge steel pails filled with corn kernels for the kids to play in and bales of hay to climb on. Shelby kept asking when we were gonna go back to the play area! The only time she stopped asking for the play area was when she was having her snow cone and fresh kettle corn.

In addition to the pumpkins, you could buy all sorts of veggies that have been recently harvested on the property. We got some yummy eggplant, green beans, squash .... all to be consumed this week (I have decided we're going to cut back on our meat consumption, so it's next to nothing). They also had a ton of canned preserves, like sugar free apple butter, sweet potato butter, bread and butter pickles and peach salsa .... all of which made their way home to our house!

We ended up with about a dozen pumpkins ... in all sizes. Shelby kept asking for more and was so excited, we couldn't resist. Now, we are all set to start decorating for Halloween.