A trip to the ABQ Zoo

Shelby checking out the polar bears

Post Thanksgiving was just as fun, if not more so, since the weather was little better and we had a chance to take the kids to the Albuquerque Zoo. The zoo is smaller than a lot of the zoos we've been to, but well taken care of and we got to get super close to the animals. The kids enjoyed the chance to run around and play some more (umm, like the didn't get to play on Thanksgiving, bu this was better .... not grownups to tell them to settle down).

Shelby was enamored by the giraffes. We did a little research before heading to the zoo, and she was seriously amazed by the fact that a giraffe's tongue is 18 inches long. Since Shelby is my budding scientist, she is really loves checking out the animals and learning all about them. Anything that has to do with science, nature or animals captures her attention.

But, the big favorite with all the kids were the leaves. There were leaves all over the ground and the four cousins spent more than half their time collecting leaves, tossing leaves and collecting some more. Seriously, who knew leaves could be so entertaining?