Gobble, Gobble

Happy Thanksgiving. Turkey Day 2008 was a great success. We packed up the car and made our way to New Mexico, a relatively short drive all things considered, to spend Thanksgiving with the Barron family. My sister lives in New Mexico with her husband and three kiddos. Also there for Thanksgiving was my mother, who flew in from San Francisco, and all of my step-mom's family, who happen to live down the street from my sister.

Shelby was in HEAVEN. All those cousins, lots of toys and tons of time to play, play and play. From the moment we walked in the door, all the kids were in cousin bliss. Shelby loves all the extra attention her cousins give her and had a blast. I was happy to watch everyone prepare Thanksgiving dinner and visit instead of cook. Mike, Patrick (my brother-in-law) and Brian (Patrick's coworker) deep fried a turkey this year. It was yummy, juicy and beyond fast. Plus, they managed not to burn the house down, which was an added bonus.