What a feast!!

Shelby's preschool hosted a Thanksgiving feast today. All the kids' families were invited to attend and we had the best early Thanksgiving meal, ever. Shelby helped me make sweet potato casserole last night using this recipe. She loves helping out in the kitchen, so it was a ton of fun for her. And then today, when we got to school, she had to carry in her sweet potato creation all on her own. There were lots of mamas at the feast, but Mike was only one of two dads there. What a great dad he is. We were glad to see they set up some grown-up tables and we didn't have to sit in little kiddie chairs!

When I asked the boys at Shelby's table what they were thankful for Mason said (he's the on the right) he's thankful for his movies. Zack said he's thankful for trucks. Shelby added that she's thankful for cornucopias, and her family of course.

It's always fun to see Shelby interacting with her friends. She really does go to the best preschool in town and I feel blessed to have found such a great place filled with wonderful people.