My funny little girl

This morning I had an early meeting. It was a conference call that started at 7:30 a.m. my time. So, in my pajamas, I sat at my desk and took the call. Before I got on the phone, I told Shelby she had to be very quiet and couldn't come in my office. Mike was upstairs working in his office if she needed something, so off she went.

Shelby didn't make a peep the whole time I was working. Nor did she come into my office. I did however notice that the had pushed something under the door for me! She must have come to my office, and as quietly as she could slid a catalog under the door. It was from the Fossil store where she and Daddy had bought me a birthday gift last week. She decided I needed the catalog right then and there!

When I asked her about it and if she had done it, she was just so proud of herself .... she was smiling from ear to ear. It was too cute.