Just cute

Yesterday when we were driving home from school, I looked back and this what I saw ... the cutest girl ever. She was wearing her hot pink sunglasses and talkin' up a storm. Our drive home each day is quickly becoming my favorite event of the day. Shelby has so much to tell me and is excited to share every detail of her school day.

On this particular day she was raving about Miss Sally's mushroom soup. One of the parishioners (Miss Sally) at the church Shelby's school is affiliated with volunteers in the kitchen. She makes the kids amazing food, all from scratch. She's been trying to broaden the children's taste buds by introducing them to a variety of interesting foods. Just last week she made leek soup, which was a huge hit. Yesterday she made a cream of turkey soup with fresh mushrooms in it. Shelby was hesitant to try the mushrooms, but once she did she loved them ... they were all she could talk about in the car.

Next week Miss Sally is going to make a special pasta dish because she found out Shelby loves asparagus. Shelby told her that she doesn't like tomatoes, which she doesn't, so Miss Sally is going to make a cream sauce with fresh asparagus in Shelby's honor.