So, I went to the doctor yesterday. Just a normal check up. I have gained three pounds so far, which is WAY less than with Shelby. I haven't been sick, but I also haven't been hungry ... which is pretty odd for me. Normally, I have the appetite of a football player (thanks to my four brothers I was often fed like I was a football player), but since I've been pregnant, I'm not hungry very often and when I am, there are only about 5 things I want to eat (oddly enough, turkey chili with beans, Chile con Carne and Lucky Charms are on that list of five) ... everything else doesn't sound appealing at all. In fact, so little sounds appealing to me, I'd just rather not eat.

However, yesterday I felt like my food desires where expanding. All I could think about was having pie from Marie Callender's (a favorite place to go growing up in the Antelope Valley). Specifically, I wanted a sour cream pie. I didn't care what fruit the pie had, but I wanted one of their yummy sour cream fruit pies. AND lucky me ... my dear husband drove across town last night and brought me home a sour cream apple pie from Marie Callender's!!!! I am pleased to announced it was as yummy as I thought it would be and I now have 6 things that I like to eat.

I'm going to have pie for lunch today!!!!