The BIG Show

This morning was Shelby's Christmas pageant at her school/church. She has been counting down the days until the BIG show. I'm not sure if it was really the show she was so excited about or her fancy Christmas dress and shoes. Before the show, we met Nana and Great-Great Aunt Dorothy for breakfast. Shelby looked adorable. Seriously, those curlers did the trick. Her hair was a big mass of bouncing curls. At first I was worried I had made some of the curls close to her face way to tight, but they fell quickly and she looked so beautiful.

Her Christmas show was a smashing success. The best part was when all the kids sang "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer." They all wore big red noses for the song and of course the audience (and all the parents loved it). My social butterfly of a girl was happiest when she was visiting with all her friends. She went from pew to pew saying hello to all of them before the show. She was especially excited to see Zack (pictured at left), a little boy she adores and we tease her about (she insists he's not her boyfriend. According to Shelby she's "too little for a boyfriend." I second that idea!).

Nana and Dorothy got a kick out of Shelby and all the kids. And Shelby loved having some of her family in the audience. She beamed most of the time and waved at us ... a lot!