A visit with Santa

We went and saw Santa yesterday. We waited in line at the mall for more than an hour (yikes)! It also took me almost 30 minutes just to find a parking spot at the mall (holy cow)! But, it was all worth it when I saw how excited Shelby was. As soon as we got in line for Santa, Shelby looked up at me and in the sweetest voice said, "Mama, please tell Santa I've been good. Please.!" How can I refuse that request? While we waited, Shelby was so well behaved and just so sweet. I got more hugs in that hour than I have in a week.

A hug for the big guy, for good measure of course.

Shelby asked Santa for a sled. I've been asking her for weeks what she wants for Christmas and I can never get her to tell me something (well, except for the reindeer and Santa suit request). As she walked about Santa she whispered to me what she wanted. I told her Santa might ask her what she's gonna do with a sled in Southern Arizona. Her response? "Mom, I'm gonna take it to Papa's house." Ah, of course. Idaho has lots of snow right now!

If you ask Shelby to tell you what she told Santa, she'll tell you she can't. She said it's her secret wish that she can only share with Santa (and close family members ... she added the last part when both her Nana and Papa wanted to know what she asked Santa for).

After Santa, we had ice cream and played at the play area in the mall. Both were great treats for Shelby. She said she got those treats because she's been "minding her manners." Yes, yes she has!