Merry Christmas Eve

Shelby opening up her Christmas pajamas

Christmas Eve seemed to sneak up on me this year. Though I was more than ready ... all the stockings were hung, presents wrapped and cookies baked ... I was just a little surprised another year had passed and it was time for Santa to visit again. Shelby and I spent a the better part of the day preparing for the evening's festivities. We baked lots of cookies (mostly for Big Mike) and we made Chile con Carne for dinner (a Tucson tradition).

Mama and her girl ... gotta love that smile.

The Kalil Family Three and a Half

We hosted Mike's parents and Great-Aunt Dorothy for dinner. It was a nice little group. Lots of chatter and lots of yummy food. Shelby opened up her Christmas pajamas and was thrilled to get them on and get ready for bed (a rare occurrence thanks to Santa!).

Shelby showing off her PJ's to her Great-Great Aunt Dorothy

After everyone left and Shelby was tucked into bed, Mike and I sat by the tree and each opened a present we had for each other. It was so peaceful sitting in the glow of the tree in a nice, quiet house. We also figured out how to use the timer on the camera and took a photo of ourselves in front of the tree.

And for those you interested in the growth of my belly (and boy is it growing), Mike took a belly shot to show just how big I am. Here I am in all my glory, at 25 weeks. I'm MUCH bigger than I was with Shelby at this point. I think I am going to have a 15 pound baby boy!