Merry Merry Christmas to you and yours

What a wonderful Christmas we have been blessed to have. We're all healthy. We're all happy. And we were able to share the wonderful day with family we love. Shelby loves Christmas. She's told us repeatedly during the last month it's her favorite season. She has been so excited with every aspect of Christmas. It's such a pleasure to see Christmas through her eyes, especially this year when she really seems to understand what it's all about. She can tell you the entire Christmas story and uses her little Nativity set to act it all out. She often reminds us of the importance of the Baby Jesus or the star, two of her favorite aspects of the story.

Shelby was happiest handing out presents this Christmas. Though she did love all of her presents, she REALLY loved handing out gifts to everyone else and watching them open them. This year she was included in all the shopping, planning and wrapping ... so she's been super excited about everyone opening what we bought or made them. It was so hard for her to keep the presents secret, she SO wanted to tel everyone what they were getting! But she managed to make it until Christmas morning and was just bursting with pride when they unwrapped their gifts.

Thanks so very much to everyone who sent us presents. We are so blessed and grateful for all that you do for us. Shelby had a wonderful Christmas and loved all of her gifts. She'll be crafting, reading, dancing, and playing her little heart out for months to come!