Happy New Year

The happy kiddos in NYC gear. They are all pretending to hold a torch so they look like the Statue of Liberty.

Out with the old and in with the new. It's exciting to start a new year and this year that's especially true. There will be lots of changes around our house this year. A new baby. Shelby will turn five and start kindergarten. Both Mike and I will be working hard on our side projects (wirehire.com and crazydaisykits.com respectively). It will be both a great and busy year for us, that I know.

But before we start focusing on all of that, let me give you a quick NYE recap. New Year's Eve was spent in a mellow fashion. I watched my niece and nephews (and Shelby of course) while my sister and her husband (see them all dressed up in the picture to the left) had a much needed night out. Amy and Pat watched Shelby while Mike and I went to NYC, so we returned the favor, though it was only one night! I owe them a few more night to make up for the chaos of four little ones around the house. The kids had a little New Year's Eve party, complete with pizza, sparkling cider, noise makers, party hats, and lots of laughter. The ran around the house, had a little parade and partied like only a bunch of kids under eight can!

Both Mike and I were in bed pretty early, but who cares right? We were all worn out from our trips to New York and Atlanta, so we had no party left in us. Maybe next year, right?