Pregnancy Brain

It's gotta be the pregnancy, right? Earlier today I managed to flood our master bathroom. I turned on the water for the big, huge tub and walked away. I had planned on quickly running downstairs, taking care of something and then head back up for a bath. Umm, I must have gotten caught up in doing like 10 things instead of the one thing that originally brought me downstairs and forgot about the filling tub. When I remembered I went racing upstairs, muttering obscenities (yes, I did this. I was mad and upset). I ran through our bedroom to the bathroom to discover that our bathtub had overflowed and water was all over the tile floor. As I made it in, the water was just making its way to the carpet in both the bedroom and the closet. A few minutes more and it would have been a major disaster. Instead, I just had to sop up the water off the tile floors, wring out all the bath maps and then wash all the cleanup supplies. (At left is a picture of the aftermath of my brain fog. I started throwing anything I could reach on the floor to soak up the water. Our robes, towels, etc.)

Seriously, where is my head?

So, it doesn't end there. I left my very expensive iPhone in the stall of a public restroom this afternoon. That very expensive phone is the one my employer provides for me, which makes it even worse. I did realize quickly I'd lost it. And I did find it. Mind you, I really hate my iPhone, so maybe subconsciously I was doing it on purpose. However, in light of the flooding incident, I think it was my pregnancy brain fog.

Again I ask ... where is my head?