I can't sleep

As you can tell from the time stamp on this post, I can't sleep. I went to bed early tonight. I was fast asleep. Then Shelby had a bad dream. In the process of settling her down, comforting her and getting her back to sleep .... I went from groggy to wide awake. So what better to do at 3 a.m. than blog?

Saturday was the annual 4th Avenue Street Fair. We mostly go for the good food. They close down 4th Avenue and there are vendors set up for miles. A lot of the vendors are there year after year, so though we perused their wares, we really made a beeline for the yummy comida. Shelby only wanted a corn dog, not really "great" food, but it made her happy. Mike wanted the BBQ that people were lined up for miles to taste (really, the line was that long). I opted for fry bread, the best thing ever that we normally don;t get unless we go out to the mission. It's like a funnel cake, but savory. They deep fry bread and then put beans, meat and sauce on it. It's heaven sent I tell you.

Here's Shelby getting a Henna tattoo at the street fair. She rode the Ferris Wheel, found some silly toys to buy, ate lots of street fair kind of food. It was a great day for a kiddo.

Before the Street Fair, I got up early and headed to Target. I was hoping to finish up our Christmas shopping. My mom sent Shelby some money (thanks Mom) and I needed to get her some presents from Grandma Linda and Grandpa Dan. I think everyone else had the same idea, as Target was packed. I can only imagine what it will be like in a week! I'm happy to say I'm pretty much done with all our Christmas shopping (thanks mostly to online shopping), now I just need to get to wrapping all those presents, shipping a few things and finishing up our Christmas letter.

Mike and me at the anchorwave party

On Friday night, Mike and I attended a Christmas party for one of his clients, anchowave. It was at Sakura, a
Teppan Yaki and sushi place we had never been to. Nana and Big Mike were kind enough to babysit, so we got to hang out with the great folks at anchorwave. After dinner we all headed over to Golf and Stuff, where there was go-cart racing and laser tag. In my pregnant state, I got to watch most of this rather than participate, but it was still a blast. We had a ton of fun. Those anchorwave folks are great to hang out with.

The anchorwave crew