Shelby the comedian

This morning Shelby was shifting around on the couch as we were watching PBS. She said to me, "Mom, my panties keep running up my heinie." She paused for a minute and then asked, "Mom, how can my panties run if they don't have feet?"


When I picked Shelby up from school this afternoon she gave be a big hug. As she was hugging me she looked up and asked, "Am I going over to Nana's tonight?" Surprised I said, "No, why do you ask?" Shelby then said, "Well you smell good, and when you smell good you and daddy go on dates." I couldn't help but laugh. As I was laughing, Shelby added, "You look good too Mama."

I can take this one of two ways ... I smell good, so GREAT. Or, I normally smell foul and look haggard and looking/smelling good is pretty rare!

All these Shelby-isms in one day .... it's like a goldmine here!

P.S. I took this photo tonight. She's wearing her new favorite shirt. It says Little Miss Giggles on it and that she is. She begged me to wash it tonight, so she can wear it again tomorrow. And to think, she didn't even want to wear it when I suggested it this morning!