A busy weekend

There was lots going on at our house this weekend, and that's surprising given the fact that all three of us are sick. We can't seem to shake this cold/gunk thing we have. But we didn't let being sick slow us down.

Friday we picked up our first share with the Tucson CSA. It was filled with almost ALL winter greens. Can anyone say Bok Choy? And do you have any idea how to cook it? We have already had some yummy sauteed greens mixed with pesto and whole wheat pasta, as well as a soup made with fresh radishes and sweet potatoes. while Mike tried to figure out just how to use some of our newly acquired veggies, Shelby and I worked on a Christmas craft. We are making button trees.

This year, Shelby is both excited about Christmas and very capable of participating in so many of the preparations. She sorted all the buttons with me (by color) and then helped me pin them to a Styrofoam cone. We're still working on the trees, but here's a look at our progress. I had no idea it would take so long to cover a cone with buttons, but it feels like a never-ending process!!

On Saturday, we took Shelby to Peter Piper Pizza for lunch. She got to play games while we waited for our pizza and declared "This is the best day ever." Mike and I saw "Four Christmases." Not good, but I've seen worse (think "Twilight").

Today, Mike worked on the planter for our garden. He did manly sorts of things like move more railroad ties and cut wood. We're getting much closer to being ready for soil.

Then, we put up our tree. Shelby has been BEGGING us for days now to put the tree up, so we finally got our act together and set it up. As we put up the tree, Shelby sang Christmas songs, mostly made up ones, which made it that much cuter. She kept telling us how much she loves Christmas and it's her favorite holiday. She was thrilled to have the star on top the tree and the we turned all the lights.

And for those of you interested in the state of my bump ... well, it's huge. Really, I'm not exaggerating. It's much larger this time around than with Shelby. I fear I'm going to give birth to a 15 pound turkey! As you can see from this final picture, I am surely with child ... there is no denying this fact!