The results are in ...

And it's a boy. Big Daddy and Shelby were correct. They have both been saying for weeks that we'd be adding a boy to our family and it looks as if that's the case.

Here's the money shot (above). At first, it didn't look like he was going to cooperate. But he did a little flipping and there was his manhood in all its glory.

Shelby showed all her little friends at school the pictures. She said, "Look at my baby. It's a boy." Then she asked me what his name was ... umm, good question Shelby. We very well might not know this until the last minute, as boy names are a point of contention at our house. For now, he's just baby boy. If you have any suggestions for names, send them my way. We want something unique but not crazy (no, Zuma is not an option).