My goal

I've been thinking a lot about goals the last few weeks. I know, it's the New Year so everyone is thinking about goals. But I came to the conclusion I wasn't going to set a bunch of goals. I have enough to worry about and instead, I'm focusing on making good choices for me and my little family each day. When the days is over, I get to start over. There is nothing like living in the present and just tackling one day at a time.

But, the more I got to thinking about goals, I decided I wanted to challenge myself to do one thing special for myself this year. So this what I came up with. I'm going to try and read a book a week. It's an ambitious goal, but I'm a super duper fast reader and love books ... so it seems doable. As of yesterday (Jan. 14) I've finished two books, so I'm right on track. I know the birth of my second child might derail this, but it's a worthy goal since reading brings me so much joy. And even if I fall behind, something is better than nothing, right?