Operation Baby's Room
Update #1

Work on the baby's room has officially started. Paint is on the walls, though it's still a little rough looking. This weekend Mike is going to do all the "hard" work like edging in the paint and such. Also, we are adding a white chair rail to break up the two different blues. The chair rail should be installed this weekend and then furniture will be next.

We're going with white furniture, which will look so nice against the blue. And then, all the accents are going to be red and yellow. I think I'm going to make the curtains myself (in red) and I'm hoping to find some Dr. Seuss fabric I can use to recover Shelby's rocking chair cushions, which are currently green gingham. I'm also going to paint some letters to spell out the baby's name, and am looking for suggestions on how to make them more Dr. Seuss-ish

Let's hope the doctor was right and it's a boy. Otherwise, we're going to have a very boyish room for a girl!

Here's one more look at the room thus far. I'm only adding it since it features my helper, Cassius. He came in to check on my progress. Every time I told him to sit so I could take a picture of him, he came and sat in my lap ... which of course made it tough to get a good picture of him.