Mark Bittman + Jamie Oliver + CSA Veggies = PERFECTION

Last night we were adventurous! We made this chicken Parmesan recipe we found on the New York Time's Web site. We also made creamed spinach, using fresh spinach from our CSA box. But we didn't stop there. We made a dish with purple turnips and Jerusalem Artichokes, also from our CSA box. We had found a recipe for the purple turnips, but we tweaked it a bit. After steaming them, we mixed them with butter, bread crumbs and garlic. So good. And to think, I was seriously against having turnips at all.

This week we have managed to eat nearly our entire share of veggies from the CSA and it's only Tuesday!!! We pick up on Friday, so we still have a little more time to eat through our whole share, but this is huge for us. We have been struggling to come up with ways to eat all these veggies we'd normally not even try ... but we're in a groove now. So, I think the weeks to come will be even better.

Mike made a dish on Sunday using this recipe as his guide. Instead of the buckwheat pasta, we used gnocchi and we substituted butternut squash for the potatoes. We also added in some onion for good measure! We've been trying to use whatever we have on hand rather than going out and buying more. The result, yumm-o! It was so good we had it for dinner on Sunday and then ate the leftovers on Monday. The best part is we just improvised. Whatever veggies we get, we use. And the results are getting better with each try!