Operation Baby's Room

We've finally started working on the baby's room. Mostly, we've just cleared out our guest bedroom. It's now empty and ready to go. Mike and his dad installed a fan and light fixture yesterday, so we can get started with the painting .... we bought the paint for the room this weekend.

As for a theme, we've decided to go with Dr. Seuss. Mike loves blue, so we got two different shades of blue for the walls. We're going a darker (Mike says brighter) blue on the bottom half of the room and then the lighter on top. We're going to break the two colors up with a bright while chair rail.

I've been looking for cute Dr. Seuss accessories all over, but have yet to settle on anything. I might just end up making some of the artwork myself. All we really have as far as decorations are concerned are some large 3-D tin stars Mike got in Mexico that we're going to hang from the ceiling.

Let the work begin!


On a somewhat unrelated note, Shelby is already very much in love with her little brother. She told me last night that she has a really big heart .... "it's so big it has a place for Daddy, stinky brother, Cassius and Mommy." She calls him stinky brother 'cause the name we've picked out sort of rhymes with poop (long story, but she's already teasing her little brother and he's not even born yet).

However, as much as she loves him, she also informed us last night that he will not be allowed to poop, pee or slober in her room.

Shelby has decided she wants to be in a marching band (this is after watching the Oklahoma and Florida game on TV with Daddy). She said to me, "Do you know what instrument I want to play? I've wanted to play it all my life. The cymbals." Then she thought for a moment and said, "Actually, I want to play the trumpet and the cymbals at the same time." She's ambitious.

Shelby is starting ballet lessons this month .... even though she told me she doesn't need them. She already knows how to dance, at least that's what she said. I told her she couldn't perform in any of the shows unless she took lessons and then she agreed lessons would be a good idea. She also told me she wants music lessons, though she already can play the piano (that's what she calls all that pounding on the keys). But she said she'd like someone to teach her a few new songs.