My other baby

I've mentioned to some people and added a little reference to it in our hoiday letter, but this is the first time I'm going totally public. My other baby, Crazy Daisy Kit Co., is just days away from making her debut. Jennie and I have been tolling away for months now ... having logos designed, getting the Web site ready, designing "kits" and prepping for the launch. And now, it's almost time for the big moment.

What's Crazy Daisy? Craizy Daisy Kit Co. is a scrapbooking kit club. Each month we put together the latest in scrapbooking supplies, you subscribe to our kit and we send it to you.

We should be live in the next week or so ... the web site is Check it out (soon) and join the club.
The CCI Handbook for Administration There’s plenty of clubs out there. But at Crazy Daisy, we uniquely offer our members a mini-book each month to get them started because we know that, when juggling all of life’s demands; it’s great to have a little helping hand to get you on your way.

Here's a page I created using the January Add-on Kit

I'm so excited about this. On our blog, which will launch with the Web site, we'll be giving away lots of goodies and chatting about scrapbooking, which we LOVE. The site itself is ADORABLE! So cute. I can't wait for everyone to see it. As soon as I have the exact launch day, I'll let you all know ... so check back soon, we're nearly there.