Baby Name Update

It looks like Battle Baby Name is almost over.

We're VERY close to closing in on a name that we both like (and no, it's not Archie).

Shelby has even taken to it and has a little teasing song made up incorporating the name we're thinking about giving our little boy. Yes, she's already teasing her little brother and he isn't even here yet!

What's the name you ask? Not telling! We'll spill the beans closer to his arrival. But in case you're wondering, it's not Roscoe. It's not Barney. And it's not Kermit.

I had my regular checkup today. All is well. I go back for another ultrasound in three weeks, I'm on the boarder of having placenta previa. If that's the case, I'll have to have a C-Section. But my doctor thinks everything will be fine by the time I deliver so we're hoping for the best (and a natural birth). Shelby went with me to my appointment today, and was excited to hear her brother's heart beat.