What's going on?

Lots of this and that. I've been sick with yet another sinus infection. So things, like blogging, have taken a back seat to me getting well.

Shelby declared yesterday that she's going to be an artist when she grows up. I'm not sure what sort of artist she's going to be, but let's hope it's one who makes some money!!! She also said if she's going to be an artist then she needs to practice her painting more, which was her nice way of telling to get my paints out and let her do her thing!

For Valentine's Day (I know, V-Day was like forever ago), Mike took me to dinner at The Cup Cafe. It's inside the historic Hotel Congress in downtown Tucson and seriously has some of the best food ever. They had a set menu for the night and it was awesome. Mike had the tuna which was good, but my lamb was even better. Mike said for the first time ever I picked all the best items off the menu! Kudos to me. It took a menu (at left) home with us, since I forgot my camera and wanted something from the evening.

Shelby discovered I have games on my iPhone. She loves to play tic-tac-toe, but her favorite game of all is BubbleWrap. You smash the little bubbles on the bubble wrap and try to get as many popped in the time allotted. She thinks it's a blast. She can even type in her name at the end when she achieves a new high score. Here's a video of her playing the game. She gets very into it.

I'm now at week 33, trucking along toward week 34. Shelby told me yesterday that I'm just one big belly. I guess there is some truth to that! Here's a picture of us from Saturday. She likes to love and kiss my belly. She often says hello to "baby brother" in silly voices, which she of course thinks are hilarious.

I went to see my doctor today. I actually lost 2.5 pounds in less than a week. I guess that's what being sick does to you. I'm sure I'll find those pounds and then some in the next few weeks. All is well with the baby. My doctor seems to think (like me) that this little guy is going to come early, which would make me happy. I don't want to jinx things, so I'm trying not to get my heart set on a March baby.

Speaking of baby ... his room is almost done. And it's adorable. I really love the way it has turned out. We have to put a few finishing touches on it and then we'll share some pictures.