Silly faces, a goofy dog and a BIG belly

Shelby has figured out how to cross her eyes. She loves to make silly faces, so this is like gold for her. The funniest part of the whole thing is that in order to do it, she has to pull a bunch of hair into the middle of her face to give her eyes something to focus on. She gets the hair just right and then she can cross her eyes ... looking quite silly.

Also in Shelby news, her absolute favorite word right now is "aaah-some," which is a very exaggerated version of awesome. Everything that she likes is awesome right now. It's so funny to hear her say it, I have to get it on tape.

Here's a picture of Cassius taking a rest with his dog while I was sitting on the floor of my office.

Cassius has a new toy he loves ... it's a stuffed dog we bought at a used bookstore. He drags it around the house everywhere and goes nuts if you ask him where his doggy is. It's a blast to fight him for it and Shelby especially likes to hide the dog and see if Cassius can find it.

This last picture is for Emily ... a new belly shot. I took it myself, so it's about the best you're gonna get for now! This picture represents my week 32 belly in all its glory.

Also of note are my new, shorter bangs and much darker hair. I've needed to get my hair done for some time now (think serious root action), but I wasn't sure what I wanted to do ... so I just took the plunge today and went darker. I love it. It looks SO much better. And hopefully it will be easier to maintain than lots of highlights and such.