The Tucson Zoo

We finally made it to the Tucson Zoo. We drive by it all the time and it's only about 10 minutes from our house ... but after living here for almost 2 years, we had still not made a visit. But today we did, as my moms group (Tucson Moms) sponsored a day at the zoo. the Reid Park Zoo isn't big but it's one of the nicer zoos I've been too. Shelby loved it and Mike and I enjoyed the fact that it wasn't too sprawling.

The best part of the zoo were the giraffes. We got there just in time for giraffe feeding time and Shelby was able to feed the giraffes herself. You just walk right up to the giraffe, the stick out their tongues and you place a biscuit on it. It was really cool. They have these crazy long tongues and Shelby was totally into the whole thing. She went back multiple times to feed them more.

There is also a little water area where kids can push all sorts of little buttons and run through the streams of water. Shelby said this was her favorite part of the zoo. She also love feeding the ducks and fish. She was quite intrigued with the rhinos until one of the urinated. She thought that was super gross. She was even more grossed out with the other rhino walked over and drank his fellow rhino's pee.

All in all it was a great day. I think when Auntie Amy and Savannah come in April, we'll head back for another day at the zoo. The yearly family memberships are so reasonable, I think we might join and try to drop on once a month. Shelby loves to be outside and really enjoys all the animals. Lately she's be talking about being a vet when she grows up and while at the zoo she said she'd like to take care of sick zoo animals!


Here's my week 35 photo. Mike said he had to zoom all the way out to get my belly in the frame!