Practice makes perfect

Every time we get something new for the baby, Shelby brings one of her dolls over and gets a little practice time in. We've been talking a lot about what's going to happen when the baby arrives, so she'll have as smooth of a transition as possible (fingers crossed), so we've been playing a lot with brother's stuff so she feels like she's included in everything going on.

Last night a baby bathtub arrived via FedEx (thank you American Express points!). So as soon as it was out of the box, Shelby was looking for a doll and putting her baby in the tub. She's especially interested in making sure she holds the baby just right and is practicing being gentle. She often reminds me that I have to support the baby's head ... what a good little helper she is going to be. As you can tell from the pictures, just about every baby item around our house is currently in use by one of Shelby's dolls.

In anticipation of some of the changes around here, we've been talking to Shelby about a few things that might seem a little odd to her. I was trying to explain to about what breastfeeding is and her response was "yuck, that's gross mom." Of course she doesn't remember she was fed that way, nor has she been around someone who has been breastfeeding in recent years.

So, last night I brought the topic up again. When I did, her first question was, "Well then, how did the milk in our fridge get there?"

I told her how that milk comes from cows and asked, "Shelby, how do we get the milk out of a cow?" (Her Papa has cows, so she's well versed in the life and times of cows).

Her response? "Out of the udders." Then as if a light bulb went on, she says, "Oh mom, you have udders. But cows have more udders than you. You only have two."

Do I laugh at this point? Or do I cry? I guess they are udders of sorts. I told her that indeed they were a lot like udders. And she answered "So mom, can you squirt apple juice out of them?"

Again, should I laugh or cry? For the record, Shelby was laughing about it. She thought it was the funniest thing ever.