A little shower with lots of fun

Emma took this photo. She's almost 9 years old! Where did the time go? From left, Baby Georgia, Kelsi, Gracie, Jennie, me, Megan and Pat. I met Megan when I was 10. Kelsi when I was 11. And Jen when I was 13. Pat was my teacher and leadership adviser in high school and her kids grew up with us as well. How's that for old friends?!

I went to California this weekend. I'm pretty sure it was my last trip without kids and as a mom of just one. Before I know it, the baby will be here and I won't be doing much on my own for quite some time. While I was there, Jennie hosted a little lunch for me and invited some of our good friends over to celebrate Cooper's (that's his name if you haven't heard) imminent arrival.

Silly faces. Grace was taking this picture and wanted us to make silly faces.

Most of those who came I've known for more than 20 years (that's two decades!!). It's so comforting to be surrounded by people who know you so well. No explaining. No need for back storied. They just know. It was a real treat for me and I was thrilled with seeing Megan, Kelsi, Jennie and Pat ... among the other guest who shared the afternoon with us. I am blessed with such good friends.

Here's the week 34 shot, taken by Gracie (she's 6 years old now) and featuring me squeezing poor little Emma.

Also of note is my week 34 belly. I can't really tell on a daily basis if my belly is getting bigger, but when I look at the photos it's pretty obvious! The baby is growing like a weed and super active. He's been kicking me in places I didn't know were possible!