Our science lover

Shelby is a serious lover of science. She asks all sorts of science related questions and wants to do experiments to figure things out. She loves the show Sid the Science Kid, which is on PBS, and often comes up with crazy science related question after watching the show. For her birthday (we let her open a present early) she got a science kit (thank you Charlie and Cathy). And as soon as she saw what it was, she tore it open and wanted to get started.

The kit comes with a bunch of different experiments and the first one she did kept her attention for almost two hours. She was totally into it. Daddy read her all the instructions and then together they did the first experiment. It was pretty cool to watch her process and reason through all the steps. Daddy would ask her various questions about what they were doing and she would think about what was going on and respond accordingly. She's just so smart. It's very cool to watch her in action.