Meal planning

Seriously, I haven't been this overwhelmed in a VERY long time. When Mike asks me what we're going to have for dinner, tears fill my eyes. I have NO idea. I have no problem making dinner, but all the work involved with actually coming up with some sort of meal plan is just too much for me right now. I'd rather spend my energy hanging out with Shelby and enjoying Cooper. Plus there a million other things to do around the house and once I go back to work ... we'll there will be a million more things to do each day. Getting so upset over dinner is not like me. It's a little, okay a lot, unsettling. I really can't let it continue!

Okay, so I'm rambling now ... but my point is this, I have to feed my family and I needed a solution to make it easier. I Googled "meal planning calender" and found this. So I started a "What's for Dinner" calendar with my Google Calendar and we've started planning meals for an entire month at a time. I now have all of April done and am going to get a jump start on May.

I feel a huge pressure lifted. I found a ton of quick, easy and yummy looking recipes at Real Simple's
web site, Chef Mom. The Pioneer Woman and Home Sick Texan. Not only is the pressure gone, I'm actually excited about all the dinner prospects. I keep finding new recipes I'd like to try and all the angst I was feeling is gone!!!