Happy Easter to you all

Easter was pretty low key at our house. We colored eggs. The Easter Bunny brought Shelby a cool basket. We had an egg hunt inside the house, which Shelby thought was pretty cool. And all of Mike's family came over for a very yummy Easter dinner. Mike did most of the work making casseroles and such. And then the rest of the family pitched in so I wouldn't have to do a whole lot just a week after Cooper's arrival. (At left, Shelby opening the Easter basket that the Easter Bunny left at Nana's house.)

The best part was just relaxing at home, watching Shelby enjoy all the festivities. Shelby had no trouble finding all her eggs, except for the one Uncle Kelly hid ... we had to call him after he left so he could tell us where it was. It was either that or wait for it to start smelling! Cooper slept through most of the dinner. But he did enjoy being snuggled and loved by his Nana.

Here's a picture of Cooper in his Easter outfit. It's a little hard to tell, but the shirt says "Baby's First Easter." Check out those big blue eyes!

And finally, few random Easter pictures for your viewing pleasure, including our egg coloring session!