Party Planning

Shelby's birthday is next Friday and she's having a party at Chuck E. Cheese on Saturday. She's super-dooper excited. We've done all the planning (my sister is coming to town and doing all the work, hallelujah), but to have Shelby feel like she was involved in the process, we asked her to help us make a list of what she wanted the party to be like and who she wanted to invite.

Above is what she gave me after we started making her list of people to invite. She drew Strawberry Shortcake, because that's what she wants her theme to be. She also drew a picture of her cake and what she'd like it to look like (Aunt Amy is making her cake for her and she's very specific on what she wants). And then if you look at the bottom of the list of guests, she made sure to add her own name!

So cute! We can't wait to celebrate this BIG birthday. I can't believe my little girl is gonna be five and ready to start kindergarten. How quickly the time passes.