Settling in at home

Cooper in his bouncy seat hanging with Mama in her office (April 7, 2009).

Well, we're home now. We made it home yesterday afternoon and have started the business of settling in and adjusting to being a family of four (five if you count Cassius like Shelby does). Shelby is seriously doing great. She gave Cooper a little tour of the house yesterday and was happy to "watch" him while we made dinner. She sat next to him in his bouncy seat and entertained him while we got dinner on the table. She told me, "Mom, I love his little chubby cheeks. He's as cute as a pumpkin."

Cassius is also already very much attached to Coop. He follows me around where ever I take the baby. And when I'm nursing him in the rocking chair, Cassius is right there curled up at my feet. If Coop cries, Cassius looks very concerned and whenever he goes into Cooper's room he goes straight to the crib and cranes his little head to see if the baby is in there. It's fun to watch even Cassius get excited about the baby.

Our first night at home was a little rough. I had forgotten what it was like to have a newborn and man, it's exhausting. It all comes flooding back rather quickly! Cooper is a night eater right now, an has been nursing every hour, on the hour from about 1o p.m. to 3 a.m. I'm hoping his schedule will change and change quickly .... but who knows. Luckily, he never woke Shelby up last night with his occasional cries, so I feel blessed to have at least one person getting some good sleep in our house!

Cooper and Shelby are both headed to see our family doctor today. Shelby needs to have her ears checked to makes sure her double ear infection completely cleared up. And Cooper is a little jaundice, so he needs to be evaluated again. By all accounts, Cooper is a super easy baby. Mellow as can be. I always thought Shelby was pretty easy, but Cooper is even easier ... maybe it's because I'm more experienced this time around. Either way, I'm feeling really blessed and lucky to have a smart and helpful big girl and a mellow and happy little guy. Plus, I'm especially blessed to have the best helper ever in my wonderful husband. Mike is a champ and really making this so much easier on all of us.

Here's a slide show of photos ... catching everyone up. There's pictures from the hospital, coming home, etc.