A sweet boy

Here's the latest picture of my sweet little boy. He's just so beautiful, precious and mellow. If this is any indication of his personality, it's going to be smooth sailing (knock on wood).

Everything has gone so well during the last 24 hours. The labor and birth experience could almost be described as serene. We had a great crew looking out for us and Cooper quickly made his entrance (pushing was even quick in spite of the fact he has a large DeMucha head!).

Since the birth, he's been nursing like a champ, sleeping well and soiling diapers as required! No worries at all with this little one.

Shelby doesn't like seeing us in the hospital. She kept asking me earlier today if we were going to be okay. It's a little unnerving for her to see her mama and brother in this environment. She'll be much happier when we all head home.

A little side note. The green blanket in the picture with Cooper is the same Winnie the Pooh blanket Shelby used at the hospital when she was born. She was wrapped up in when she came home and so will Cooper. It's amazing that almost exactly 5 years ago Shelby arrived in this world and now she has a little brother to share her journey with. It makes me tear up when I look at him all snuggled up in the same blanket and think of my little baby Shelby way back when. I'm so blessed with wonderful and healthy children.