Rain + Mud + Shelby = FUN!!!

I'm swamped this morning. Trying to finish up packing (we're leaving for Tahoe). Trying to update the Crazy Daisy blog. Trying to clean up the house. Trying to feed Cooper and keep him happy. So when Shelby asked if she could get her rain gear on and play outside, I quickly said okay. I figured it would keep her entertained while I got my work done.

Well entertained she was. And muddy as all heck! I had to carry her over my shoulder to the bath tub. And that was after I took off most her clothes while she was still on the back porch. What was I thinking? I also have to point out that she's wearing her nightgown under her rain coat. She didn't want to get dressed ... I guess she figured it would cut into her play time.

And here she is, happy as a clam while she splashes in the mud puddles. Luckily our un-landscaped backyard is highly conducive to mud puddles. Otherwise, Shelby would have nothing to do in the rain!

Side note: As messy as she was, I did get some work done. So it was worth it. Mission accomplished!