Watching the clouds go by

Last night before dinner Cooper was sleeping, so Shelby asked us to come on the trampoline with her. She likes to lay there and watch the clouds and birds. So, the three of us sprawled out on the trampoline and Shelby pointed out the various clouds to us.

Gotta love the weather here. The early evening time is my favorite part of the day. We sit on the back patio. Shelby plays. Mike grills. Cooper smiles. It's great.

And when Shelby gets bored of watching the clouds, she does her trampoline tricks. She loves jumping on her trampoline. It was one of the best purchases we EVER made!

Shelb has been practicing a lot, so she can do lots or tricks. Flips. Twists. All sorts of fun and entertaining things. She said she's going to teach Cooper all her tricks as soon as he can walk!