The Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum

One of the greatest things about having house guest is that we tend to get out and explore Tucson more when they are here. With Arnold in town this last weekend, we headed over to the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum.

Shelby is wearing Cooper's hat, so that why it's a little small. She had her own hat, but thought Coop's was better.

According to its Web site, the Desert Museum is a "world-renowned zoo, natural history museum and botanical garden, all in one place." You walk through various exhibits and learn about the history of the desert and all the things that live or have lived there. It's pretty cool (though it was hot as heck on Saturday ...).

A picture of our family of four! This was Cooper's first time in the Snugglie.

There was a cave that we had a chance to explore, which was Shelby's favorite part. I think she liked it best 'cause it was a whole lot cooler under the ground than above ground. We saw tons of snakes (behind glass of course), prairie dogs, a mountain lion ... and the list goes on. Seriously, if you live in Southern Arizona and you haven't been to the Desert Museum, I highly recommend it. Just go early in the day or before May ... 'cause it gets super hot around here and well, you're walking around the desert and it can be miserable.