Where the Wild Things Are

The University of Arizona bookstore hosts a story time on the first Saturday of every month. What's especially cool about story there is that they always have characters from the book that is being read come to meet the kids.

This past weekend, we took Shelby and Cooper to the U of A for a reading of "Where the Wild Things Are," one of my favorite books as a kid. In fact, the copy of "Where the Wild Things Are" that Shelby has is the copy I had as a kid. Its cover is torn from many years of reading, but it's still the best book ever. Shelby loved story time. The kids got to make "wild rumpus" and she showed the Wild Thing her claws and scared him!

Coop slept through the whole thing. But I'm sure he soaked up some of the great story

We also walked around the U of A campus a bit. It's a beautiful school and maybe that's where Shelby will go to school when she's all grown up :)

And here are my three favorite people, hanging out at the U of A bookstore. It's a REALLY nice bookstore. I think I'm gonna shop there instead of Barnes and Noble.