Our Weekend

Shelby on the U of A campus after story time

It's Sunday afternoon. Both kids are napping. Mike's at the gym. And I'm updating our blog ... which has been neglected as of late. We've had a nice weekend. Yesterday I took Shelby to the U of A for the monthly character story time. Mike stayed home with Cooper, so we could have mommy/daughter time.

Shelby and Biscuit

This month's book/character was Biscuit. We don't read a lot Biscuit books, but Shelby loves books in general and loves story time. Plus, the opportunity to meet a character from the book of choice is pretty cool and memorable.

After story time, Shelby and I got our hair cut. Shelby just got a trim. But I cut off more than six inches. It's just too hot to have long hair. I needed something lighter and easier to take care of. I'm not sure I like my new cut, but Mike says it's cute so I'll believe him.

Here's what Shelby's hair looks like now that it's all trimmed up.

Last night we hosted a family dinner. It was a May/June birthday celebration, since most of Mike's family has birthdays in those months. Mike made pulled pork in a dutch oven and some of the best guacamole. Mike's mom made her tasty banana pudding for dessert. And Shelby got a cool present from her Uncle Kelly and Aunt Josie ... see below. It was a great dinner and we had lots of good family time.

Shelby on her hippity-hop as she calls it.

Today has been a slow and somewhat lazy day. We've read the newspaper, watched TV, worked on a puzzle, caught up on laundry ... and have just been hanging out as a family.

Daddy and Coop reading the newspaper together


Tomorrow my maternity leave is over and I'm back to work, but I'm blessed to work from home most of the time ... so I just have to walk downstairs to my office. I'm also starting a boot camp exercise program in the morning to help me lose the baby weight and get into shape. We also joined the gym, so Mike can get into shape as well. Shelby starts summer camp tomorrow. She's excited to have something different to do and make new friends. Every Friday she goes on a field trip, so it should be a lot of fun for her. She'll be going to camp on and off for most of the summer and then in August she starts kindergarten (yikes!!!). Here's to a fun filled and happy summer.