The zoo and a Burrito Bus

Shelby feeding the ducks and the fish at the zoo

For playgroup yesterday, we went to the zoo. The Tucson Zoo is awesome. It's the perfect size (not too big, but just big enough) and it's only about 10 minutes from our house. It has a water play area for the kids, which is quite popular this time of year (not surprising). Shelby wore her swimsuit under her dress and got soaked three different times (she kept begging to go back to the water area). We also fed the giraffes, as well as the ducks, which is Shelb's favorite part of the zoo. Cooper slept the entire time. Seriously, my little guy is missing out on some cool things as he snoozes away!


And now for our adventures at the Burrito Bus

Last night for dinner we ventured out the our local burrito bus, it's kind of like a taco stand ... but it's a bus. It's less than a mile from our has and serves the BEST carne asada burritos in town. Plus, we can all eat dinner for less than $10. How can that be wrong. This was Cooper's first trip to the burrito bus, but it won't be his last!

Here's Coop outside the burrito bus, waiting for our food. He may not seem all the impressed with his surroundings, but he is. I mean come on .. this was the baby's first trip to the burrito bus. What's more important than that? Nothing if you live in Southern Arizona.

And here's Shelby holding Coop as we wait for our food. Shelby loves the burrito bus and loves their quesadillas. Yummo!