Two Months Old

Cooper Rex Edward June 4, 2009 in his rocking chair

Cooper is 2 months old today. And he's growing like a weed. He eats ALL the time. Seriously, all the time. The best thing about Cooper right now is his smile. He smiles at all the people he loves ... me, Daddy, Shelby, Nana, Grandpa Big Mike. My heart melts when he smiles at me. It's especially adorable to watch Shelby with him, as she can really make him smile. He coos at her and just seems to love her the best.

We're not sure exactly how big Cooper is. He goes back to the doctor in a week. He had been gaining a pound a week and I'm sure he still is ... if not more! He's a hearty eater. We'll fill you in on his stats after his appointment.

And here's a bonus shot ... when we were taking Cooper's picture in his chair, Shelby wanted her picture taken. She kept saying we need a 5 picture of her. Meaning, we needed a picture of her as a five year old. So here she is.


Happy 500th post! This post marks the 500th time I've shared with world what is going on my family. It's been a lot fun documenting our lives and sharing it with the people we love. Let's hope we have fun doing the next 500 posts!