Growing like a weed

Cooper is growing so fast. Changing all the time. I know it was like this with Shelby, but I just can't get over how fast he's changing and has already gone from newborn to an alert, happy baby.

Since it's hot in Tucson ... really hot, Coop is hanging in diaper in this photo. Mike and Nana had taken the kiddos to the pool, and this is Cooper relaxing at Nana's house post pool.

Can you see all the fat rolls? He's a chubby little guy. And just so lovable. I could kiss those soft little legs all day long.

If you're wondering, Coop looks just like his daddy and his Nana. If you were to see pictures of Mike's mom when she was this age, you'd be hard pressed to tell Coop and his Nana apart (except for the dress of course). I always thought Mike looked like his dad, but he really looks like his mom .... and Coop looks just like both of them. Even some of his expressions are exactly like them. Funny how that works. Shelby is my mini-me and Coop is Mike's mini-me.